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more money is never enough money

Years ago, my husband and I managed to provide for our family on far less money than we are making today. We have been dumbfounded by how we could be struggling so much these days when our income has more than doubled since back in the day. After going over our finances over and over and not finding where the money is all going, I decided to hire an accountant to help us figure things out. Are you experiencing the same struggles? If so, my blog will provide you with tons of helpful advice that can help you find the money you seem to be losing.


more money is never enough money

The Three Types of Bookkeepers You Can Hire for Your Business

Victor Alvarez

If you have been recently thinking about hiring an accountant to assist your business, make sure you understand the different types of accountants you can hire, how much each one costs, and the different services you can get from each one.

The Basic Package: A General Bookkeeper

An entry-level bookkeeper is referred to as a general bookkeeper and is your most affordable option. Many entry-level bookkeepers only have taken a few courses or classes that cover the basics of bookkeeping.

They can help you set up either a single- or double-entry bookkeeping software and enter all of your business transactions into your accounting software. They can also help you send out invoices to your customers and keep track of all payments that you receive every month.

The General Package: A Full-Charge Bookkeeper

A full-charge bookkeeper can offer you everything that a general bookkeeper can, but most full-charge bookkeepers have more experience and training than a general bookkeeper. They may even have an associate's degree in accounting.

They will have the experience and expertise to work with a larger business and will be able to help you prepare all necessary business financial statements. They can also handle all aspects of your payroll.

The Advanced Package: A Certified Bookkeeper

If you want the most advanced bookkeeping package, you need to look into hiring a certified bookkeeper. A certified bookkeeper not only has at least an associate's degree in accounting as well as a few years of accounting experience, they also have to pass a comprehensive, multi-part national exam. This exam tests their ability to understand the intricate details of the accounting field. A certified bookkeeper will have the letters "CB" after their name.

If you want to have a tax and financial expert to assist you, that's what you get with a certified bookkeeper. They have the skills and knowledge to manage your payroll, file quarterly tax statements, and prepare all of your yearly tax documents, as well. In addition, they can handle all other financial aspects of your business and provide you with expert financial advice and analysis that can help you grow and guide your business. 

The type of accountant you need for your business depends on your accounting needs and the size and complexity of your business model. Use this guide to help you choose the right type of accountant for your business, and consider asking Hurren Sinclair MacIntyre CPA's LLP any further questions you might have.